ShamRuck – Woodstock, VA – 3/12/16

  • March 12, 2016
    1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

SRR_logo2016_02 with medal


MARCH 12TH, 2016



Irish eyes are smiling when there is beer in your belly! And what better way to make that happen than the ShamRuck! ShamRuck is an event that combines three favorite hobbies: running, rucking (yes that’s rucking with an “r”) and drinking craft beer. ShamRuckers will run roughly two miles while stopping at beer stations to sample different craft beers provided by Jailbreak Brewery. But what’s a Run without a Ruck? So to make it more interested runners will wear a weighted backpack (rucking) to add to the challenge! So are you up for it? Then sign up now!


The ShamRuck benefits our Veterans who are in need and suffering from PTSD. We have teamed up with Platoon 22 to help raise money and bring awareness to this epidemic! Platoon 22 is a traveling memorial. The boots in the memorial symbolize the 22 lives lost per day, 682 lives lost per month, and over 8,000 veteran lives lost each year to suicide attributed to PTS.


What you get:
• Official ShamRuck shirt
• Souvenir Pint Glass
• Official ShamRuck Patch
Please Note: You can use your own rucksack or you can purchase one when you register